Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's been a while since I've updated. Lots has happened lately and I am totally scatterbrained. Here are some updates, in no particular order.

Bourbon had his feet trimmed and he's super sore on the hard ground again. I am trying a new farrier next time. I am not happy with the one that has been doing Bourbon's feet. It's going to be so awkward though because his current farrier lives on the property. Ugh.

I found a little trail off the back of the property the other day. It's really short and kinda crappy, but it's something different and both Bourbon and I enjoyed ourselves. Danny came out with Bruschi and walked with us.

I have been researching feeding a lot and I am doing a total overhaul of Bourbon's diet. Tomorrow morning 800 pounds of alfalfa is being delivered to Bourbon's pen. I am so nervous about all the extra protein all at once, but the barn owner didn't seem worried since the hay he is on now is orchard grass and alfalfa.

I'm going to be switching him to a ration balancer from the loads of grain he is on now. I'm just not sure which one I'm going to use yet.

I'm almost afraid to say it, but he hasn't had a single injury since he's been in his new pen. He actually seems to like the mare he lives next to. I caught her reaching through the gate to eat off Bourbon's hay pile, and Bourbon continued eating happily. I have never seem him so relaxed around another horse and his food. It was wonderful to watch. It gives me hope that one day he will be able to be turned out with another horse. :)

I tried a friend's western saddle tonight. I loved it! It was quite awkward and Bourbon was such a trooper, but man that thing stuck me in there like glue. I felt like Bourbon could throw anything at me and I wouldn't budge. It was great! I'd really like to get a western saddle (or maybe australian?) saddle when the budget allows for it.

I was looking into getting into endurance riding. They offer 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 mile courses. I am thinking about starting out with a 10 miler in October. I am super excited! Plus, it gives me a deadline to have a trailer by. ;)

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