Monday, January 10, 2011


I really need to stop spending money. I just need so much stuff! I think I am done buying crap for a while though. I just ordered a Roma Front Lift Wither Relief Pad, Wintec Webbers and Grand Hoof. I don't actually need anything else, but of course I really want a sheepskin girth, sheepskin half pad, and a horse trailer. No more spending. No more spending. No more spending!

My stirrup leathers that I currently have are brown, old as dirt and stretched unevenly. It was definitely time for some new ones that actually match my new saddle. I ended up going with Wintec Webbers because a saddle I tried a couple months ago had them and I really liked the way there was no bulk from the buckle under my thigh.

I am going to start Bourbon on the Grand Hoof that I ordered. I ordered it from Smartpak so I know the barn will give him the correct amount every day. It ships to me every 28 days so I never have to worry about running out. His feet look like crap, so I want to give the Grand Hoof some time to see if it helps. I really hope it helps... Here are what his feet look like now.

Did I mention I've got Bourbon on a joint supplement? It's in treat form and he absolutely loves it. I'm not sure I'm going to continue it or not though. I've got two bags with 60 treats each, so it's 4 months worth of joint supplements. His joints were clicking a lot and he seemed a little stiff at the beginning of our rides, so we'll see if I notice any improvement when I get to the end of the second bag. I read some studies that basically said the supplement I am using (Glucosamine in HCL form as the main ingredient) is worthless and not absorbed by the body. I guess we shall see.

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