Monday, December 27, 2010


Today Danny suggested we go get the rest of rubber mats for Bourbon's stall. I was pretty shocked that he was willing to spend the money, so I said yes before he could change his mind. We also got Bourbon a new water tub. I spent all day today leveling his stall and laying the mats. I am irrationally excited about them. I need one more mat, so I am going to go pick one up tomorrow.

My mom ended up ordering me the correct SMB boots and told me to just return the ones I have and get whatever I wanted since the SMB Elites are on their way. :D I am going to get him a peppermint scented Jolly Ball, I'm going to get me a saddle stand, and that still leaves me with about $50 to spend... hmmmm... what should I choose?

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