Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saddle and Parelli

Yesterday Danny and I spent the morning going to different tack shops with my tracing since the website I linked in an earlier post said they couldn't do anything with my tracing through email and that I needed to snail mail it in. I was going to snail mail it if I didn't find a saddle yesterday, but I think I might have found one! It's an HDR Pro Buffalo Dressage saddle. I know it's not top of the line or anything, and I really wanted to spend that money on a better quality used saddle, but I'm sick of the searching and waiting. This saddle was really comfortable and had a nice grippy seat and big fat knee blocks. Unfortunately they didn't have my size, so they had to order it. And because of the holidays, it probably won't get here for about a week and a half to two weeks. Boo! I am so anxious, but I don't want to get my hopes up in case it doesn't fit.

My new friend at the barn, Melissa, was there yesterday when I was playing with Bourbon. I was riding him (bareback of course) in the little arena and Melissa was saying how nice of a mover he is. Melissa is a great rider, so I asked her if she wanted to ride him. She was excited and hopped right on him. It was so great to actually be able to see him move with a good rider on his back. Melissa was right, he is a nice mover! :D

Once I got off, Melissa could tell I was having a little trouble with him not respecting my space and being nippy. She asked me if I'd ever tried Parelli. I told her I was really interested in it but couldn't bring myself to spend that amount of money on a distance learning program. I am very hands on and I need someone to show me exactly what to do.

She told me she has some of the literature for the first level and some of the equipment and that she would let me borrow it. She grabbed her carrot stick and showed me how to play a few of the games, and by the end of the hour Bourbon was really listening and responding to me. I love it and can't wait to continue!

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