Sunday, December 26, 2010


I got so many amazing things for Christmas and Hanukkah. I got brushes, 2 hoof picks, a grooming tote, bell boots, a fly ear net, socks for my tall boots, winter riding gloves, a figure eight nose band, a saddle cover, a stall plate with name, emergency contact, and feeding info, 2 lessons with my trainer, and SMB's. I got the SMB III's instead of the elite ventech, so I am going to exchange them.

I also got a gift card for, so I ordered 4 months worth of a joint supplement that is in treat form and a paint on hoof conditioner.

I went to Tractor Supply today. I got Bourbon a feed bucket that hangs on the wall of his stall, a 50lb salt block and a 50lb mineral block with trays and a rubber stall mat.

The barn manager suggested a rubber stall mat for under his hay so he doesn't eat the dirt. I'd like to put rubber mats in his whole stall, but since his stall is 15 x 20 feet and the mats are 4 x 6 and $40 each, it isn't going to happen for a while. I still need to get major medical insurance for Bourbon, pay off the truck and buy a horse trailer and saddle. If the saddle I ordered fits then at least that much will be checked off the list.

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