Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What a day!

I picked up the saddle today, and I am 99% sure it fits! I found it at on a scratch and dent sale for $629.99, and the tack shop wanted $895.99. So now that I am almost positive that it fits, I am going to return the saddle I have to the tack shop. I just ordered the one from Stateline. I hope it's not in too bad of shape.. I don't mind a few little scratches, but if there are any huge gouges I will return it.

In other news, I cantered Bourbon bareback today twice!! I have been so nervous lately because he has been bucking when I ask for the canter (most likely due to saddle fit) but today I was feeling brave. I asked for the canter and he didn't buck! I was so excited and so proud of him and myself that I asked for it one more time. He was SO good! I am so pleased with our progress!

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